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     I'd never go back to doing my own cleaning now. Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning have made such a different to my stress level through their cleaning services and it's been the best money I've spent.
Yolande Funk19/05/2020
     They do a great consistent job, they are on-time, and they are friendly. I would recommend them if you are looking for a reliable cleaning service.
Judy D.19/09/2019
     My house is so tidy whenever their cleaners come over that I'm scared to make a mess. Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning is great!
Tilly Slowe30/03/2018
      Hammersmith Cleaners are a very affordable and reliable option for upholstery cleaning, and really did a wonderful job on all my upholstery. They work very quickly too.
Winston Harris13/12/2017
     So happy I hired Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning for my domestic cleaning needs. Only regret is I didn't find them sooner.
Lance Jason25/04/2017
     I was looking for reliable cleaners to get carpet cleaning done for my office flooring. The carpet was in terrible shape and so on a friend's recommendation I called up Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning. The cleaners cleaned up the entire mess in just a few hours and the carpet looked good as new. The service was excellent and prices competitive. I recommend their services to anyone who wants their carpets cleaned professionally.
Archie Wagner08/05/2015
     My rugs were looking drab and with the wine and juice stains on them, it was about time they got a thorough wash. I got in touch with Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning about the carpet cleaning job some two weeks ago and they were able to arrange for a team to visit me soon enough. These people were obviously experienced and accomplished in what they do. It took them just two hours to power-clean all the carpets in my house and my rugs feel fluffy and fresh now. I would definitely recommend them to you for their house cleaning services!
Terri B.18/02/2015
     Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning provide pretty much the best office cleaning service I have come across in my twenty years in the business. They are inexpensive, reliable, efficient and they have never put a foot wrong the whole time they have been contracted to us. I when I step in to the office each day the whole place looks pretty much perfect as they put so much work and effort in to the work they do. I get along well with the cleaners and they are always happy and polite. It really is a great service I can't recommend highly enough!
Jane D.09/10/2014
     There really is no finer feeling than coming home to a house that's perfectly clean, and it's all thanks to Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning! I got in touch with them one day, just to test the waters. My cleaning skills have always lacked in finesse so I just figured it would be worth a try, and it certainly was! The cleaners that they sent were friendly and easy going, and they're just an all round pleasure to deal with. I was so impressed that I'm hiring them on a bi-weekly basis now. If you think your home needs a bit of touch up, don't pass up the opportunity! I recommend them without any hesitation!
Mai Brooks21/08/2014
     My end of tenancy cleaning was keeping me up at night, and the worries of moving house only seemed that much more stressful with the added pressure of having to complete a full and thorough house clean! I ended up hiring professional end of tenancy cleaners from Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning. A friend of mine had used their upholstery cleaning service and was very impressed with the service and so recommended them to me. The cleaners were really quick to get everything done and they knew exactly the right techniques to get everything done to a professional standard. The results were great and definitely took a load off my mind! Thanks!
     If you know what you want, then standards need to be met. I am quite fastidious with how I like my house to look, and given that I require quite a high level of cleanliness, a professional cleaning service is the only way that I can achieve it. I am particularly serious on where things need to be and the like, so it is a relief to have a cleaner form Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning that always listens and does what I ask when I need them to! There is nothing worse than trying to find something when it's been moved whilst the house is being cleaned, and thankfully I don't have that problem.
Woodrow Young05/03/2014
     I always thought having a cleaner would be expensive, that was until I was sat in the pub one day and I realised all of my friends had one and absolutely raved about it. Turns out they all had a cleaner from Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning, so I decided to find out how much their services would be. Not a lot it turns out, especially when weighed up against the superb job they do. For the money, it's a no brainer. They come round while I am at work and turn the place from complete mess to immaculate. If you were looking for recommendations then here is mine for these guys.
Tom Baker30/01/2014
     I always wanted to be one of those domestic goddesses who was able to balance work, family and keeping a clean house, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't find enough hours in a day! I contacted Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning and they sent a great pair of cleaners to give me a helping hand, and now I'm the envy of my whole street! All of my friends and neighbours are dying to know how I manage to get my house so clean! I love having my cleaners round because I know they'll do an amazing job and in little-to-no time as well!
Janet S.20/01/2014
     For years I've struggled with my household cleaning. Not only did I find it boring and time-consuming, but I would rather have spent those hours with my family or at work! My house never looked clean because I could never muster up the energy, until I saw an advert for Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning. Now I wish I'd gotten in touch with this domestic cleaning company a lot sooner! I can put my feet up and relax in a clean and tidy house all of the time, and it's not even an expensive service! I have all the time in the world now, and I never have to worry about my cleaning again. Truly amazing!
     When it comes to providing your staff with a working office environment that breathes productivity and diligence, a good level of cleanliness is essential. Unfortunately a number of cleaning contractors fail to understand this, but luckily we found Hammersmith Carpet Cleaning. They listen to our needs and provide a phenomenal level of service that ensures our office stays pristine. If there is anything we aren't happy with they take it on board and address it quickly, and you just can't ask for more than that. After some bad experiences it is nice to have a company you can rely on to do a good job.
Arthur Storey05/12/2013

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